And me?

I was always taught to make the most of what I have — just so happens that what I have is lots of alcohol. The liquor (and beer collection) in the apartment I share with my not-so-little little brother, Matt, is better stocked than anything else. We keep ourselves supplied for the apocalypse and sometimes, the spice rack is a little lacking–but we make do.

My name is Kate. By day I save lives by planning parties (yes, that’s a thing) and by night I’m dancing around my kitchen, covered in stove splatter — taking pictures, making notes and singing into wooden-spoons. I’m pulling from tons of time behind a bar, lots more at one, and a life spent watching and testing at the stove…

Past the 1970’s hemp accented door, above the dentist office, just beyond the rusty carpets and four sets of stairs, is my sanctuary. There, rainbow plaid tack-paper walls and aged formica accent my red tools, gadgets and thingamajigs. The on-it’s-last-legs iPod balances on the dock, ready to play. The pretty bottles that live above the refrigerator behind cereal boxes and old telephone books call my name as they clink in rhythm with the bass. 21+ cooking, here I come…

Questions? Comments? Requests? I’d love to hear em….
Contact me at or @spillthesauce

One thought on “And me?

  1. Great job, Kate. You really went all out to develop each post — they’re so solid. Stunning photos. Just think about moving a photo to the top of your posts. And for heaven’s sake, start floating these out on FB and Twitter. Can’t wait to make those bourbon sugar cookies, lady!

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